Who We Are

Born Diver is a brand owned & managed by Green T Marketing LLC a South Florida based company.
We have created the Born Diver brand not just for divers but also we want to inspire non-divers to discover the wonders of ocean life.

Second, we wanted to fill a void in the industry by providing a fresh new concept in dive shirts & apparels that both divers and non divers can appreciate.
Like some of you, we are tired of seeing the same ol same ol dive shirt designs; you know what we are talking about.
So we put our heads together and created several unique and smart ideas to reinvent and take dive clothing to the next level.

Born Diver brand is known for its smart graphic design dive T-shirts, hats and other fashionable apparels. These are creative and affordable products to convey our identity as divers and our cool lifestyle that everyone admires.

So who is a Born Diver?

We are all created equal; we are all natural born divers. Some may choose to suppress their natural ability, while others choose to unleash their skills and go deeper with underwater adventure. Born Diver is anyone who enjoys being out in the water, from someone who enjoys going to the beach and snorkel, someone who simply dives once in a while, or those that made diving as their lifestyle; certified or not if you just like being out in the water then yes you are a Born Diver.

Our Mission:

We enjoy sharing our adventures and inspiring others to discover and appreciate the wonders of marine life. It is our goal to inspire others by showing them what we do, through creatively designed shirts and apparels.

Imagine that you have just returned from a spectacular dive in the Belize. You had been anticipating this trip because you had heard about the legendary sunken ships and colorful reefs. You’re an explorer at heart and new things excite you…especially when it comes to underwater life.

Prior to even touching the water, you are already excited about the natural and man-made treasures you will find deep below. You wish everyone could experience this feeling…

If you could bottle this feeling up and sell it, you know you would.
If you could re-live all of the diving moments that are etched in your brain, YOU WOULD GLADLY PAY FOR IT, right?
So, how would you go about sharing your love for diving? You would wear it on your chest of course, because each dive makes you come alive! We know how exactly how you feel because we’re divers too.

Marine Conservation

Born Diver is not only producing fashion dive shirts and apparel but most importantly, we are incorporating important marine conservation awareness in some of our art-work. If you noticed some of the Born Diver shirts have subtle messages, at first glance it looks just like a cool design, but if you look closely, there is another meaning to the design. Born Diver creative art-work were designed to raise awareness in protecting several endangered species. These products were produced to support non-profit organizations that are dedicated to making a difference when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment.

This is our way of supporting global marine conservation efforts and our way of inspiring other divers to step up and join us, because together we can all make a difference.