is the new website for Divers, in a way it’s a new dive site for people who love scuba or free diving. With great social features, it helps people find dive buddies, dive related events to go to, as well as giving divers a great community to share experiences and tips with.

Diving as a recreational activity is more than just a sport – it is a way to experience the world around us in a completely different way, exploring new places, encountering new wildlife, and seeking out unique adventures. Diving enthusiasts, whether they are fans of free diving or diving using scuba gear, are people who have seen the magic of the underwater world for themselves and can’t wait to get back in the water and experience the excitement and wonder once more.

“Our goal is to connect divers, promote dive events, then share to the world our adventures and inspire others to get into diving as well and explore the marine life that we all enjoy.” – Frank Tolentino, Co-founder.

With that in mind, a new online community – – has been designed and created to help bring divers together and grow the diving industry.

Connecting Divers

Diving is a social activity by its very nature, because it is essential to dive with a partner or ‘buddy’ for safety. By allowing divers from all different locations to easily find each other, Born Diver makes it simple for a diver visiting a new place to find somebody to dive with, and also makes it easier for divers to network and make friends who understand their passion for the marine world. Because pursuing diving as a hobby often involves travel, this is a great way for divers to find people to explore with even when they are far from home.

The Only Centralized Listing of Dive Related Events

Born Diver was created by divers, for divers, and one thing the creators felt was missing on the web was a centralized list of dive related events. Diving is a big category, and there are always things going on from spear fishing competitions through to workshops on underwater photography. One of the aims of Born Diver is to give event organizers a place to promote the dive events they have coming up, wherever they are in the world, and to give divers a one stop listing of interesting things they may want to attend.

Promoting Safety and Enjoyment

Born Diver is run by passionate divers who are enthusiastic about helping more people discover the joys of diving, and promoting the fact that diving is an incredibly safe activity when people are properly trained and stick within the regulations. With a blog for recounting interesting diving experiences, sharing tips and advice for different diving styles and locations, and talking about the best ways to enjoy diving safely, Born Diver is a great resource for diving information for everybody from those curious to try diving for the first time through to veteran dive masters.

With great social features, event listings and a wealth of expert information, Born Diver is set to become a must have resource for divers everywhere, and a brand intrinsically linked to the sport.