New dive clothing brand Born Diver is redefining dive clothing by introducing tasteful smart designed dive shirts and apparels, which also speaks the message of marine conservation.

June 28, 2016: With summer expressing its vibrant presence in full beam, divers all over are gearing up for a splash. How about diving with a difference? Well, for the first time, latest dive clothing brand Born Diver has come up with trendy tees in unique never-seen-before cool designs that also speak of the urgent need for marine conservation. Dive shirts which make sense.

A brand owned and managed by a South Florida-based company, Green T Marketing LLC, Born Diver has been launched with the vision to change the same old regular trends in dive apparels by introducing tasteful, clean, smart and fresh designs that are not only stylish but also uphold ocean life conservation and designed in such a way that they will look cool both underwater and on land.

“We enjoy sharing our adventures and inspiring others to discover, enjoy and protect the wonders of marine life. At Born diver, it’s our goal to inspire others by showing them what we do, through creatively designed cool dive shirts and apparels with a mission. We bring to you dive shirts make sense. Dive clothing that both divers and ocean lovers can wear anywhere.” stated Frank Tolentino, the creator behind Born Diver.

A passionate nature lover, Freediver and Scuba Diver himself, Frank has been diving deep waters since 1998. Born Diver has teamed up with non-profit organizations like Marine Conservation Institute to support marine life research and conservation. The brand has committed to donate 5% of sales from every purchase of a marine conservation awareness shirt to the partner non-profit organizations. Apart from this, Born Diver actively participates in community outreach events, such as Lion Fish hunting, Beach, and Reef clean-ups.

While asked further about the new diver apparels, Frank mentioned of a versatile inventory. The Born Diver t-shirts are unisex and highlight marine inspired smart designs and slogans like- “Saving Marine Life” or “Eat This (Lionfish), Not That (Shark’s fin soup) …. Capiche!” and so on.

Added to the t-shirts, Born Diver has also come up with distressed looking caps and microfiber towels made of super light, ultra soft and quick dry material.

“Our designs are so tasteful that you can even wear them at family functions, and the stylish look will even inspire the non-divers to see the ocean world. They are super comfortable and a breeze on skin. Moreover, we have got perfect towels for divers and beach goers; it’s the only dive towel that is super smooth and gentle on skin.”

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