Product Description

This design puts the spotlight on a fascinating fish named the Manta birostris, better known as the Giant Oceanic Manta Ray. If you have ever had the chance to see them swim, you know how amazing they look as they seem to fly and glide underwater. Red gill slits are also featured, which represent the human lungs. Why lungs? in diving, whether you hold your breath or use SCUBA gear to stay underwater, you know having healthy lungs is vital.

Unfortunately, Manta Rays are hunted by fishermen for their gills. The red color represents “danger” to bring awareness to the fact that these are being illegally sold in several Asian countries without regulation.

These “gill rakers” have caused the population of the world’s manta ray population to decline.

“The past decade has seen significant declines in both number and size of manta rays landed in primary fishery sites in Indonesia, Mozambique, India and Thailand. M. birostris has all but disappeared from the Sea of Cortez. Fishermen in the Philippines reported a 50% decline in manta ray landings from the 1960s to 1990s, and in Sri Lanka, fishermen also reported declines in catches.Manta and mobula gill rakers are promoted as a cure for a wide array of ailments from chickenpox to cancer in some Chinese communities. Gill rakers are sold primarily in Chinese markets and directly marketed by importers from the hub of the trade in Guangzhou, Southern China. Guangzhou trade is as much as 99% of the global market. Market analysis suggests total annual gill raker trade volume in excess of 61,000 kg (and perhaps as high as 80,000 kg) with an estimated value of US$11.3 million per year.” Source: Manta Ray of Hope.

As divers, this is our way of supporting the efforts of these non-profit organizations who do so much to save these beautiful creatures and bring awareness to the public. Thank you for your support.