Product Description

A shark fin is the focal point in this cool shirt. It has been one of the most iconic shapes in the marine and diving industry as well as in the movies. Although beach-goers are never thrilled about seeing one of these fins swimming close to the shore, we want to give attention and raise awareness about the Shark Finning problem.

“The problem with the practice of finning and in the trade of shark fins is that it has placed immense pressure on vulnerable populations, causing catastrophic declines which should be a matter of urgent global conservation concern (Abercrombie et al. 2005; Shivji et al. 2005; Dulvy et al. 2008).” Souce:

 “The IUCN Shark Specialist Group considers that shark finning threatens many shark stocks, the stability of marine ecosystems, sustainable traditional fisheries, food security and socio-economically important recreational fisheries”. ~SSG Finning Position Statement, May 2003