Product Description

This is by far the best and smoothest towel ever!

Unlike other towels that bulk your dive bag when they become wet, this towel is soft, lightweight and ideal for traveling. The towel also doesn’t produce lint because it is made out of a smooth microfiber. This means you don’t have to worry about washing it with your swimsuits, board shorts and rash guards. Since it is super absorbent, you can carry this towel to the beach and never worry about having to lug a heavy bag back to the car or take it with you on the boat.

It really does absorb water from your skin upon contact, just like a magnet. Not to mention, the exclusive Born Diver ocean life designs make these microfiber towels even more so appealing to the eye.
Printed using a dye sublimation process, the design was not just printed on the fabric, it becomes part of the fabric. It is 100% machine washable as the dye won’t peel off, fade or bleed out.